Plain and simple we love event designing, especially weddings, every client gives us a brand new canvas.  I love to see the color schemes, themes and inspiration boards.  Potential clients always ask about past work and I am always intrigued with future work, no two events the same because no two clients are the same.  We do not have ready made packages as all of our events are customized.  The center of all of our design is the floral arrangement, special events are the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with beautiful blooms.   We are always ready to handle all aspects of event decor for our clients and because we are slightly obsessive and possessive we provide coordination and planning to ensure that you get hitched without a hitch.  Just a note, we used to be Vera Brown Events, so if you see that anywhere please note that is our former name but us just the same.

Our Story

I come from a huge family that made every occasion a grand to-do!  The best parties were the ones where everyone was comfortable and the atmosphere was inviting and encouraged a good time.   There was always lots of food, music, fun and, as I got older what I came to notice, a lot of planning.  It became ingrain to spring into action at any function to arrange and rearrange, decorate and coordinate.  So it continues until now that I am fixated on the details that make events beautiful and enjoyable.

This is my grandmother Gladys who always held me to very high standards and expected nothing less than excellence.  She is a woman of grace, style and impeccable culinary skills, the original hostess with the mostest!!!  She is the reason I always seek to exceed expectations.